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Emma Piirtoniemi is endlessly intrigued and challenged as a contemporary jeweller. The discipline holds a rich history and continues to evolve as an accessible art form in contemporary culture. For Emma, jewellery possesses an incredible potential to convey big ideas on an intimate scale.

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, Emma is an emerging jewellery artist. In 2016, she completed her BFA Major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing and Minor in Art History at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University).  She was a finalist in the 2016 L.A. Pai National Jewellery Student Competition in Ottawa, Ontario and exhibited at SOFA Chicago 2016 with Studio 21 Fine Art. Emma completed a nine month residency in 2017 at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is currently an artist-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Emma works in acrylic, glass and metal.  Her work is about intimacy, allure, and private worlds with a focus on creating wearable contemplative objects. Her practice includes such techniques as acrylic carving and glass lamp-working.